Call for 2 Postdoc positions in the iMAT Unit of Excellence

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The iMAT research unit is looking for highly-talented applicants for 2 post-doctoral positions within the Andalusia Region Qualifica Excellence Program.

On June 7, 2023, have been published in the Official Electronic Board of the University of Seville calls for 2 postdoctoral positions.

DEADLINE  JUNE 22nd 2023

The references of each contract according to the different topics of research requested are:

  • Referencia:  INV-IND-06-2023-I-050.

«Mathware para la operación y planificación de sistemas energéticos inteligentes y sostenibles.»

Topic 1: Mathware for the operation and planning of intelligent and sustainable energy systems. 
PIs in charge: Juan M. Morales (University of Málaga) & Emilio Carrizosa (University of Seville). 

  • Referencia:  INV-IND-06-2023-I-008.

«Técnicas de Modelado de Orden Reducido para flujos geofísicos dominados por advección.»

Topic 2: Reduced Order Modeling techniques for advection dominated geophysical flows.
PIs: Manuel J. Castro Díaz (University of Málaga), E.D. Fernández Nieto, Samuele Rubino
(University of Seville).


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