Research Lines

The lines of research developed in the Institute will be those that are part of the projects and research groups of its members. By areas of knowledge, these lines include the following:

Algebra: homotopy and homology theories, semigroups, algebraic topology and group theory, algebraic geometry, number theory, singularities, ring theory, representation theory, computational algebra, combinatorics.

Mathematical analysis: nonlinear analysis, functional analysis in Banach spaces. Special functions and applications. Complex analysis and operator theory.

Analysis, control and numerical analysis of equations in partial derivatives. Applications in fluid mechanics. Applications in Biology and Medicine.

Statistics and operational research: risk analysis, modeling, estimation of surveys, random fields, stochastic models, functional data.

Geometry and topology: geometric analysis, geometric partial differential equations, metric geometry, singularities, mathematical physics, homotopy theory and homology, Lie theory.

Dynamic systems. Finite and infinite dimensional attractors. Bifurcations.