Titans of Mathematics Clash Over Epic Proof of ABC Conjecture

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Two mathematicians have found what they say is a hole at the heart of a proof that has convulsed the mathematics community for nearly six years.

Shinichi Mochizuki maintains that his proof is not flawed despite the assertions of Jakob Stix and Peter Scholze that they’ve discovered a “serious, unfixable gap.”

In a report posted online today, Peter Scholze of the University of Bonn and Jakob Stix of Goethe University Frankfurt describe what Stix calls a “serious, unfixable gap” within a mammoth series of papers by Shinichi Mochizuki, a mathematician at Kyoto University who is renowned for his brilliance. Posted online in 2012, Mochizuki’s papers supposedly prove the abc conjecture, one of the most far-reaching problems in number theory. (leer mas)