Functional Analysis Network

Investigador principal
Domingo García
Manuel Maestre Vera
Tipo de proyecto

The main goal of the network is the stimulation and coordination of research in Functional Analysis and its Applications in Spain. The idea of creating this network finds its roots in the will of boosting our research work by improving its quality and means of diffusion, both nationwide and worldwide.

This web site is intended to be a useful tool for research in Functional Analysis as well as a meeting point for researchers working on that field or any other related areas, including topics such as

  • Topological vector spaces and groups Banach spaces,
  • Hilbert spaces and Function spaces;
  • Banach algebras and C*-algebras
  • Categorical methods in Functional Analysis
  • Nonlinear Functional Analysis Operators and operator spaces
  • Applications to Integral and Differential equations
  • Applications to Approximation theory and Optimization.

Here you may find a list of members of the network, information regarding research groups, PhD Thesis, news and links of interest related to Functional Analysis and its Applications.

Since it was created, this network has been financed by the "Acciones de dinamización Redes de Excelencia, del Programa Estatal de Fomento de la Investigación Científica y Técnica de Excelencia,  del Gobierno de España"