DOCAS: Differential Operators in Commutative Algebra Seminar

Jack Jeffries (CIMAT,
Luis Núñez-Betancourt (CIMAT,
Eamon Quinlan-Gallego (University of Michigan,
Varios conferenciantes
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This is an online seminar on the subject of rings of differential operators and their applications. Our goal is to bring together students and researchers with an interest in this topic, but that may approach it from very different perspectives. In particular, we hope for our schedule to accommodate a good balance between the "classical" setting (characteristic zero, smooth) and singular or characteristic-p settings. We are also grateful for expository talks, lecture series (two or three talks), and combinations of both.

We would like to ask our speakers to direct their talks to the level of graduate students with basic knowledge of differential operators and the Weyl algebra. If you would like to learn the basics to attend this seminar, here are some useful resources:

S.C. Coutinho, A primer of algebraic D-modules.
J.E. Björk, Rings of differential operators.
EGA IV, Ch. 16.

J. Jeffries' notes.
D. Miličić's