The Andalusian Interuniversity Institute of Mathematical Research (University of Granada and University of Seville) has the nature and character of interuniversity research institute, in whose organizational structure the Universities of Granada and Seville participate as signatory institutions. In what follows, we will call it the Interuniversity Andalusian Institute of Mathematical Research (IAMAT), excluding the names of the universities that subscribe for economy in the language and in some occasions using only its acronym IAMAT.

The general function of IAMAT is to organize and develop research activities in all fields and aspects of Mathematics and its applications, fostering cooperation between Andalusian universities, qualitatively and quantitatively stimulate such research, support the different Mathematics Research Groups and to improve collaboration between them, with other national or international research groups, promoting in particular interdisciplinarity, and with the scientific, technological, health, financial, etc., sectors that require assistance from Mathematics.

Mathematical research at IMUS and IEMath-GR is highly valued internationally as it shows its excellent positioning in the international rankings.

IAMAT, articulated as Instituto Andaluz Interuniversitario, aims to develop scientific research of excellence, in its fundamental aspects, applied and industrial, in the field of Mathematics, and specialized teaching of basic and interdisciplinary aspects of Mathematics.

Mathematics is a basic pillar on which the rest of the sciences are based, both theoretical and applied. Among the strategic lines of PAIDI 2020 is to promote the development of Andalusian R & D centers towards international excellence in basic science and to attract external funding through national, international or private organizations. IAMAT must clearly be one of those Andalusian centers in the field of Mathematics. We understand that the mission of IAMAT should be to carry out excellent research in Mathematics, to promote and disseminate this science in society, to attract talent, to train in specialization, to establish relationships with other
Andalusian, national or foreigner centers of excellence in the same or related field, and collaboration with the business sector. To this end, IAMAT will sistematically perform the following actions:

(i) stimulate scientific merit and healthy competitiveness, as well as continuous and effective interaction and coordination among all its members,

(ii) improve the infrastructures needed to achieve its goals, capture new resources and optimize the use of available resources, and

(iii) increase the visibility of its researchers and their activities, enhancing their work and international projection.



The basic strategic objectives of IAMAT are as follows.

1. Promote research excellence by increasing the scientific and cultural heritage of Andalusia.

2. Support the quality training of researchers. Emphasis will be placed on the employability of human resources, contributing to the improvement of the labor market in Andalusia through this training of excellence.

3. Foster equal opportunities, working to reduce the difference between men and women in research in mathematics and thus contributing to the same goal within the Andalusian System of Knowledge.

4. To promote internationalization through the creation of networks with other national and international centers, with emphasis on European research actions, Ibero-American space and the Maghreb. This will contribute to an increase in the presence and competitiveness of Andalusian research at an international level. It will also allow the generation of higher quality scientific results that are useful to society and in particular to the productive fabric.

5. Encourage interdisciplinarity and the transfer of scientific knowledge and methods beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Support and encourage work on new research topics in emerging areas with future potential in the advancement of knowledge. To favor a more dynamic scientific activity, increasing, consolidating and interconnecting research groups.

6. To attract private and public funds to finance their activities and their participation in regional, national and international framework projects. To manage these resources effectively, adapting them to the needs of the research groups in a flexible and agile way.

7. Acquire and manage scientific infrastructure effectively and adapted to the needs of researchers.

8. Collaborate with Public Administrations and contribute to scientific progress through national and international dissemination of the knowledge generated and the transfer of research results to society and especially to the Andalusian framework.

9. Provide technical advice to companies and public and private organizations, when they so request.